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Overdue Accounts Policy
The following is our policy regarding Overdue or Unpaid accounts.
**  2 days past due will result in your site being taken offline;
**  10 days past due will result in your site being removed from our server, after which there will be a $25 charge to place your website back online again.
**  3 or More Credit Card Declines and/or Paypal Subscription Failures will result in Account suspension and mandatory 1-year signup/payment for reinstatement of Account.
**  Please Note there will be a $5 surcharge for all Declined Credit Card Transactions, and no exceptions will be made to this policy.**

Renewal Accounts Policy
If you have subscribed to one of our special 6-month or annual billing plans, please note that you will be placed on a regular monthly billing schedule upon the expiration of your billing plan, unless you notify us ahead of time. We will not automatically renew your 6-month or annual pricing plan. If you would like to remain on a 6-month or annual pricing plan to enjoy the savings on your monthly fees, please let us know ahead of time, and we will be happy to accommodate you. If you do not let us know, our account will revert to monthly billing upon the expiration of your special billing plan.

Closing Accounts Policy
The following is our policy regarding the Closing of Accounts.
**  All Monthly Subscribers must provide a Minimum of Five (5) Business Days Notice that they wish to close their Account, or Monthly Billing will take place without Refund.
**  All accounts paid by Paypal require that the Client cancel their Paypal subscription should they choose to terminate services.
**  All Account Closings are Final. Anyone wishing to Re-Open their Account will be required to subscribe and prepay for a Minimum of 6 Months in order to reinstate their Account.
**  Re-Opening and/or Re-instatement of Accounts is the sole discretion of DJdoodle™.

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