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Click Here to Download our Latest Issue of Rusty Tin Roof Country~Prim Online Magazine!

Welcome to, Your 1-Stop Web Shoppe for Small Business and Craft Sites!

There's Always Something New at!

The Biggest News besides our totally new makeover is our awesome NEW DIY Auction Builder feature which is Built right into our DIY Website Builder program! As if our DIY Website Builder clients didn't already have enough Features and options to use for their websites ... Now they are able to literally create their own Auction pages which look just like the pages of their websites, and have the functionality of an actual Auction! Our New, Exclusive DIY Auction Builder feature is completely integrated in our DIY Website Builder, and actually allows our DIY clients to run and manage their own Auctions all on their own, without any additional fees to our clients or to our clients' customers!

The Next Biggest News is also for our DIY Website Builder, so please be sure to click on the Sales & Specials Link on the left navbar for details on our...

H O L D - O N - T O - Y O U R - H A T

There's even more news in the djdoodle™ Craft Community! Celebrate the HOLIDAYS with us at our Rusty Tin Roof Country~Prim Online Magazine and for those of you who haven't had a chance to check it out yet, we hope you'll find a few minutes to grab your favorite beverate and sit back and relax with us, as we bring you an entirely new format and some wonderful new articles for your enjoyment! It seems like each of our issues is more popular than the next, with current Downloads over 35,000 per issue ~ we invite you to be our next LOL! Just click HERE to check out our Country~Prim Online Magazine!

If it's PRIMITIVES you're looking for ... Don't Miss our POPPY PALOOZA at Lemon Poppy Seeds for absolutely awesome Prims and Xtreme Prims, and if it's crafts, gifts and collectibles you're looking for, we hope you'll stop by to do some of your holiday shopping at our Country Craft Show Online ~ Open 24/7/365 ~ Craft Show Shopping from the convenience of Your Own Home!

Of course our Country and Prim Co-Op Marketplaces always have fresh, new Exhibits every month, so don't miss out on those! Our Lemon Poppy Seeds has new Exhibits on the 1st and 15th of every month, and our Country Fried Primitives has new Exhibits on the 15th of every month!

Let's not forget about the never ending craft show ~ Country Craft Show Online! Our Fabulous Fall Show is underway with Octoberfest right behind it. We'll have fresh, new Themes for the months in between the scheduled Shows, and we hope you'll continue to visit us and Shop 'Til You Drop at Country Craft Show Online and enjoy the ambience and charm of our Country Craft Show right from the convenience of your own home!, Your 1-Stop Web Shoppe for Craft & Small Businesses About Us
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Click Here to Download our Latest Issue of Rusty Tin Roof Country~Prim Online Magazine!

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