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Welcome to, Your 1-Stop Web Shoppe for Small Business and Craft Sites!

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Reference from PatternPage
Dj & her services are awesome!!! I would highly recommend her! She's wonderful to work with, I don't know what I do without her! Shelley Wain

Reference from Sunnie Andress Vermont Folk Artist
I've been with DJ and the DJDoodle DIY program for many years...and it really is the best around! DJ is one of those people who has the knowledge and experience to present a website builder to us that is easy to use, even for the beginner. She is always thinking of features to expand her program and has written directions and Help instructions that really give us help! Also, she is one of those rare people who actually listens to clients and works hard to meet their needs. I always recommend the DJDoodle program and I enjoy all the wonderful new features that make my busy life easier. I thank DJ and her staff for all they do for us!

Reference from Season to Season
I have being doing business with Djdoodle for many years now and I have been very happy with my Website and the DIY Website Builder. It's very easy to use and whenever I need help someone always has a solution. I would highly recommend Djdoodle to anyone looking to have a website that is easy to work with and highly visible.

Reference from Rabbit Hollow Prims
I would recommend Djdoodle for all your website needs. the support is outstanding, the benefits are great and you get way more for your money than other sites. Where else can you get 24 hour support, a free wordpress blog, auctions site, website, tell a friend, and mailing list sign up all in one place? Djdoodle that's where! So come on and give it a try. Once you do, you will never look at website design the same again. A very satisfied customer....Sue

Reference from Vintage Keepsake Trunk
I highly recommend DJDoodle's Mini Shoppes for beginner and advanced artisans. This style of shoppe appealed to me since it was so affordable and so easy to set up. I set up the code for Sitemeter into the add-on link section that way I know how many hits I have and I get at least 10-20 a month. These hits have let to purchases on my other sites like Ebay and Etsy since I have inserted widgets into the shoppe. I have always had prompt help I need with setting up or modifying my shoppe through email with DJ, so I am very happy where I am. Thanks!

Reference from Beneath The Willow
Iíve looked and shopped for quiet a few craft website until I decided on DJDoodle. A simple mini-shoppe website for all your needs and so easy to use. What really impressed me is that I can always start small and work my way up to a bigger, more, products website. Variety of what website to get is what really impressed me and everything was broken down to me and it was easy to choose what website would be best for my business. Customer service is very friendly and always a prompt response to any of my questions. Would highly recommend!

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